New Service

Company Establishment


Foreign Direct Investment

Verification and due diligence
Drafting and/or reviewing agreements

Contract Management

Contract management policies
Drafting or reviewing contracts
Standardized contracts
Contract’s negotiation

Daily Corporate Operation

Legal advice
Legal training
Lawyer’s letter

Labor and Employment

Employment compliance
Labor contract / Emplpoyment handbook
Labor dispute arbitration / litigation
Employment policy training

Intellectual Property

Trademark/Patent/Copyright Registration
Trademark/Patent/Copyright Daily Management
IP contracts
IP Lawsuits

Disputes Resolution

Litigation / Arbitration
Recognition And Enforcement of Oversea Arbitral Award / Judgement
Chinese Law Expert Witnesses
Bankruptcy Practice

Merger and Acquisition

Designing Transaction Structure
Due Diligence Investigation
Transaction Documents Drafting

Data Protection

Data Protection Compliance
Data Protection Clause
Privacy Policy

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